Saturday, June 20, 2015

Makeover MADNESS! #TpTSellerChallenge

I am so excited to participate in the TpT Challenge Month! Being a VERY new seller myself, I have already learned so much by reading all the posts on Facebook and viewing blogs! Even though I just created this product a few weeks ago I decided to choose it a for makeover because I love it *SO* much.

I think the new cover is much more bold and makes the product stand out more than it did before! Also, let me kids LOVE this! Having their pictures displayed with their goal in the classroom really encouraged my students to stay focused on their goal and they were more thoughtful about their goal because of the big display. It also aided in supporting an encouraging and safe environment in my classroom. The kiddos loved reading each others goals and cheering for each other as they made individual accomplishments!

I am going to explain how to use this product while also explaining a few changes I made. One thing I kept the same was that students first take or draw a selfie! This is the fun part and we laugh together as each student uniquely strikes their own pose. I then laminate this so we can write their goals with dry erase markers throughout the year.

Next, is the goal setting and brainstorming process!

I changed this...

to this...

 I thought the handwriting lines would be more beneficial for our younger students, especially at the beginning of the year. This brainstorming process is key to ensuring students goals are effective. I have found that in order for students to be successful in accomplishing their goals, they have to know EXACTLY what they have to do to help them practice. I use this brainstorming activity as a guide for individual conferences with my students. It helps us to establish what they want and what they can do to help them get there (If that isn't real life, I don't know what is!).

After editing and finalizing our goals I also send home a note to help parents understand this process. I got a lot of great feedback from parents about these goals! Parents loved having a specific goal to help their child with in addition to the everyday homework or typical expectations (I think they liked seeing the selfies, too!).

After hard work and perseverance, have a CELEBRATION! Make a HUGE deal out of one child's successful goal and everyone else will be super motivated to accomplish theirs as well. EVERY goal is a worth a big celebration! I added these certificates to help with the celebration. There are four different fun ones to choose from.

Lastly, start over! Always have your students working to meet a goal! I added an additional parent letter in my makeover to help with the celebration as well as communication with families. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my product makeover. Visit my TpT store to purchase! I would love any feedback you have to offer!


  1. Your cover is much better! It would be something that would make me stop and take notice. Great job on the makeover!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

    1. Thank you!!! Learning more everyday!

  2. Love the makeover - the large graphics really pop!

  3. I really love the makeover that you did! The change in the colors and the larger graphics are awesome. I LOVE the cover as well! :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  4. I love the new look. The updated file is larger and easier to read.
    Great makeover. I look forward to seeing what you do next week in the challenge.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

  5. I love this idea. Anytime I can connect today's technology/social media craze to student learning I am all for it! My son graduated second in his class last year and at the end of his speech he turned around and took a "selfie" with the whole senior class. It's my favorite picture from his graduation!

    1. I love that story about your son!! Our kiddos definitely relate to technology!! :)