Monday, June 8, 2015

Math Power Partners

Hello friends! Here it is... my first blog post! 

It is kind of ironic that my first post is going to be about math because I definitely consider myself a literacy gal! However this year I really focused on improving my math instruction and a few key things really helped me to have more of a heart for math. First off, I decided my kids needed more repetitive practice with the skill. I also wanted it to be ENGAGING and I made some math games that truly targeted the exact skill we were working on that day. I also decided I wanted the kids to work in partners but sometimes partner work can be tricky with the little kiddos. So...power partners were born!

Grab this FREEBIE!

I modeled and taught these 3 rules consistently and it definitely paid off. The kids loved partner work and they were practicing, practicing, practicing. I did entice them by having "partners of the day." At first the partners of the day got a small treat but after a few weeks the kids were just proud to have the title for the day! They were always on task and I could easily pull small groups knowing that everyone was working and engaged.

Below is an example of a very basic beginning of the year math game. I am in the process of uploading my games to my TpT store so check in throughout the summer or follow my store if you are interested in math games for your kiddos! I always have two different levels or variations of each game to provide differentiation. I have also adapted my games for single center use which are sold separately. Again, this is a very basic beginning of the year example. This helps me to establish rules for partner work with the students and ensure everyone knows the basics before we move forward!

(Number Cards Included)

I just put the directions and supplies into a gallon sized Ziploc bag and the game is ready to go! If I know the game is going to change the next day I have students put the directions and supplies away. After a few weeks a student helper can easily see how I am organizing and putting together the bags. They help me get the games ready for the next day before dismissal or during morning work. I try to work smarter, not harder! :)

 You can purchase this game in my TpT store! What do you do you in your classroom?


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