Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday: July 17th

Wow! Here we are again! What a week it is has been! As summer slips by it seems easier to slow down and really enjoy every little last bit left! Here we go...
First of all, THANK YOU so much to everyone that participated in my giveaway. A big thanks to Two Little Birds Design Shop, Whatnotsandstuff, Monograms by Mallory, and Make it Personal by Mary Margaret! They donated some amazing items and I hope you have had a chance to check out their super cute stores! 

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who entered the giveaway! I could not be more surprised, excited, and blown away! I am so happy that so many participated and said such wonderful and kind things! This is an amazing community and I am happy to be apart of it! So here it is...
In celebration of my all my new followers and friends I am also having a FLASH FRIDAY sale! Woohoo! Again, THANK YOU for being so fabulous and wonderful!
Check it out!!

I also joined periscope this week! YIKES! I joined and thought I was going to start scoping (is that what we call it?!) yeah, NO! Haha, I have been observing and I am definitely going to do it at some point. I think my goal is going to be Monday afternoon/night. I seriously have no idea what I will talk about or share but YOLO! Might as well, right? What have your periscope experiences been? Help a frantic, scared, scoper out people!

So I had a new experience this week...I did hot yoga! A studio here is doing free outdoor sessions this summer at local parks. I am a Barre3 girl myself so I thought "I know how to do yoga, right?" Yeah...a little different but I still liked it! I don't know if I really would want to go to a studio and sweat for 90 minutes but it was a new experience! 
We also had a view of the lake! 

Lastly, I finally got a new planner! I have been weighing the pros and cons of Erin Condren and Plum Papers ALL summer. However, I simply don't ever keep up with a planner so I couldn't justify it. I do my lessons online and keep up with most things on my computer so it was a no go. However, I used to be able to do everything without really writing down dates and now I am finding that is not really happening as well. So I went to Target and found this little beauty...
It has a monthly calendar, daily notes, and a to-do list section. If I use this baby like crazy this year then I will totally invest in a fancy planner next year! So here is to a year of complete organization and writing it ALL down, to-do lists and all! :)

I also bought the washi tape to make it all cutesy! I bought three different for school events, teal for personal events, and orange for football (its serious in the south y'all)! The only thing I am not digging about the washi tape is my sharpie pens don't write on top of it?! What is this about planner people? Oh and I LOVE the gold stickers I found. Those are for birthdays and special dates! Let me know your planner tips and tricks!

Have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers! 


  1. I think that Periscope is a lot of fun! Not sure that I'll ever actually post my OWN video (eek!), but I've really enjoyed checking out some of the office tours this week. Enjoy that new planner, I've working on my mine, too!

  2. I'm definitely not sure about broadcasting; I like watching and interacting. And I think scoping is the correct verb!


  3. I love your planner! I'm the same way... I am not sure if I want to commit to a pricy one and then not use it. Hope you find some pens to write on the washi tape! ;)
    Inquiring Our Way Through Third Grade

  4. Target to the rescue!! That planner is cute! I love periscope and have only went live once!! I am planning on doing it again soon though. My advice would be just go for it!!!! I am so happy your giveaway went well! You rock!!

  5. You gave away some awesome items! I had my fingers crossed all week! :) Oh well! I will have to join your scope, for sure! Hopefully it will be before my small group on Monday! :) I have been watching, but I don't think I can "broadcast." Love the orange washi tape (and the gold dots too)!!!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

  6. Kristen- I'm so with you on the Periscope! I joined and I've been watching, but I have yet to post on there. I'm beyond nervous and worried it will be a hot mess!!! We just need to do it!!! We can do it!! I will have to watch it when you do it. :) I'm sure you will do great!

  7. Yay, I'm so glad your giveaway went well!! Periscope has become quite the sensation, hasn't it?? I'm going to have to get caught up on all the tips and tricks out there!! :-) Good luck with your planner, I too have to write everything down!! I'd love to know how you use the Washi tape, I am new to the Washi-craze!
    Thank you so much for sharing your 5 with us, it was great to read!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  8. Yay! I'm so excited I won! I can't wait to get my shirt. I'll make sure to post about it when I get it! Thanks for doing the giveaway. Ahh...periscope. I've joined too but am afraid to do my first scope. I'm scared no one will watch it or give me hearts. When you're ready to go live let me know, post it on IG and I'll repost it so more people know! Also, love the planner. Show us what it looks like all decorated. OK, enough of my novel, thanks for sharing!
    Our Elementary Lives